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What really makes a difference in disability care?

At Gaia Care Disability Support Services, we are at the forefront of offering customized support in Lawnton, QLD 4501. Our team is full of passion for helping those with disabilities. We aim to provide top-notch care that meets their specific needs.

We focus on the individual, striving to improve their everyday life. This approach helps them reach their greatest potential in the community.

About Gaia Care Disability Support Services

Gaia Care Disability Support Services has become a close friend to those with disabilities in Lawnton and further. They are all about compassion, understanding, and never stopping in their quest for excellence. They’re known for their first-rate disability service support.

Our Gaia Care team is all about providing tailored disability support services. We want to address the unique needs of each person we help. Our drive to assist the disability community keeps us focused on enhancing our services. This helps create a welcoming and supportive space for everyone.

We’re a trusted NDIS-accredited provider with a deep knowledge of the system. This ensures our clients get the best support possible. Our skill in the ndis qld framework lets us guide clients smoothly and efficiently through the system.

We are proud of our ability to offer top-notch disability support. We understand both the personal and systemic hurdles our clients face. Our dedication to quality means we are a dependable and caring partner for those we serve.

At Gaia Care Disability Support Services, we aim to be more than a provider. We want to be a qld ndis partner who truly cares about our clients’ well-being and growth.

Comprehensive Disability Support Services in Lawnton, QLD 4501

At Gaia Care Disability Support Services, we strive to improve life quality for our clients. We offer a range of support solutions tailored to individual needs. This ensures comprehensive care for everyone.

Individual Support

Our Individual Support focuses on personal needs, providing care for daily activities. It’s all about personalized attention.

Overnight Support

Our Overnight Support service ensures safety and comfort all night. It’s great for anyone needing constant care or peace of mind.

Social Support

Making friends is key. Our Social Support helps people connect and feel part of the community. It fosters a sense of belonging.

SIL – Supported Independent Living

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) program helps people live independently. It empowers individuals to enjoy life in their own homes.

Respite Care

Our Respite Care gives caregivers a break. It ensures uninterrupted, quality care for their loved ones while they rest.

Community Access

Community Access services help clients join in social and fun activities. This boosts their community involvement and engagement.

Personal Care

Personal Care services ensure dignity and comfort. They assist with personal hygiene and other daily tasks, focusing on well-being.


Our Transportation makes getting around easy. It helps clients travel safely, supporting their independence and community life.

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Assistance with Medication

Managing health is crucial. Our Assistance with Medication service helps clients follow their medical routines, keeping them healthy.

Mindful Activities

We include Mindful Activities for mental wellness. These activities are designed for relaxation, mindfulness, and emotional stability.

We’re dedicated to top-notch In-home disability support Lawnton QLD and NDIS support services Lawnton QLD. Gaia Care Disability Support Services is your trusted partner. Check out our diverse support services for the disabled to help you or your loved ones.

Why Choose Us as Your NDIS Provider in Lawnton

Choosing Gaia Care Disability Support Services means you’re picking a team focused on your growth and freedom. We have a strong reputation for clear communication, reliability, and deep knowledge of the NDIS. This helps us serve you better.

We aim to make a positive difference with our services, creating a welcoming environment for everyone. We keep our promises to improve the lives of those with disabilities. If you need support disability services or disability supports, we’re here for you.

Our team works with disability agencies for smooth service and better care. At Gaia Care, finding the right support for you is our goal. We offer top disability and support services in Lawnton.

We’re ready to support your goals and help you succeed in your community. Trust Gaia Care Disability Support Services for reliable support in all areas. We’re your dependable partner.

Our Dedicated Disability Support Coordinator Team

At Gaia Care Disability Support Services, we are proud to have a devoted team. They are focused on delivering top-notch care and help all over Queensland. They give personalized, caring, and skilled support to meet everyone’s special needs.

Experienced and Compassionate Staff

Our crew in Lawnton, made of skilled and kind disability support workers, knows a lot about disability support coordination. This ensures every client gets the best care possible.

Personalised Care Plans

We think making special care plans is important. These plans look at the unique needs and goals of our clients. Our team in QLD works closely with clients and their families. Together, they make plans to improve clients’ well-being and independence.

Guaranteed Support and Assistance

At Gaia Care Disability Support Services, we promise dependable support. Our commitment to caring for everyone in Australia means you can count on us. Our goal is to offer timely and effective help, making us the go-to option for disability support.

Reach Out to Gaia Care Disability Support Services

Gaia Care Disability Support Services invites you to get in touch to learn more about our support. As a top NDIS provider in Queensland, we aim to help you with the NDIS. We offer personalized advice and comprehensive care solutions for you or your loved ones.

We believe in clear communication. You can call us at 0477 851 960 or 0458 701 668. Or email at Our team is ready to provide answers and expert advice. We are a leading NDIS provider in QLD, committed to trust, compassion, and professionalism.

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Our support workers focus on improving life for people with disabilities. They treat everyone with respect and kindness. If you need advice on NDIS in Queensland or support coordination, we’re here to help. Contact us today to start a care-focused relationship.


Q: What types of disability support services do you offer in Lawnton, QLD 4501?

A: At Gaia Care Disability Support Services, in Lawnton, we offer many support services. These include Individual Support, Overnight Support, and Social Support. Also, we have Supported Independent Living (SIL), Respite Care, and Community Access. Plus, we provide Personal Care, Transportation, Assistance with Medication, and Mindful Activities.

Q: Are you an accredited NDIS provider in Lawnton?

A: Yes, in Lawnton, QLD 4501, we are fully accredited as an NDIS provider. We help our clients understand the NDIS system. Also, we ensure they get the most from the available support programs.

Q: Can you explain what Individual Support entails?

A: Individual Support is made just for you, matching your needs and likes. It can include help with everyday tasks, skills building, or becoming more independent. Our aim is to help each person achieve their own goals.

Q: Do you offer in-home disability support in Lawnton?

A: Yes, we do provide in-home support in Lawnton, QLD. Our skilled support workers will care for you in your own home. This helps you get the support you need in a place you’re comfortable with.

Q: How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your support workers?

A: Our hiring process is tough to make sure we get the best and kindest workers. We also have training programs and we check on their work to keep our care top-notch and dependable.

Q: What is the role of a Disability Support Coordinator at Gaia Care Disability Support Services?

A: Disability Support Coordinators are key in making care plans that fit each person’s needs and goals. They make sure clients get the right support and help they need to do well.

Q: How can I contact Gaia Care Disability Support Services for more information or to start services?

A: You can call us at 0477 851 960 or 0458 701 668. Or email us at Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you on how to start with our services.

Q: What makes Gaia Care Disability Support Services stand out from other disability support agencies?

A: What sets us apart is our focus on care that is centered around the person. We really understand the NDIS and our staff are both experienced and caring. We aim to positively change the lives of our clients with clear communication, strong support, and including everyone.

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