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Gaia Care Disability Support Services Pty Ltd

Gaia Care Disability Support Services Pty Ltd is a Brisbane Northside based NDIS approved company servicing its clients with professional and experienced services.

Our disability support workers come fully prepare no matter what service you require with years of experience and training.

We provide dignified, unbiased, non-discriminatory services based on our client’s requirements.

Whether it’s community or individual support through to personal care and supported independent living services, we can help you today.

North Brisbane & Moreton Bay

NDIS Support Workers North Brisbane

Our core work is done by support workers. They will support people with mild to complex conditions every day to help them achieve their goals and live independently.

Our clients’ lives are important to us. We offer our support workers a broad range of training to ensure they are able to deliver exceptional services and have the core skills necessary for success.

Gaia Care Disability Support Services Pty Ltd is a supportive, professional team that is committed to continuous improvement and self-development. We strive for a healthy work-life balance in order to provide the best NDIS disability support services possible to our clients.

People you will like. Experiences you'll love.

Some Of Our Disability Support Worker Services Include

Social support

Gaia Care Disability Support Services is here to help you live a full, exciting and busy life. Social support may mean going to church every Sunday, while for others it could be learning new skills or just having fun with the community.

In-home and overnight care

Your Independent Support Worker will gladly help you figure out how you like things done at home. There are many things you can do around the home, including ironing, washing the sheets, and changing the laundry, as well as doing the dishes and gardening. You can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Study and work

It could be that you are studying, starting a business, or working remotely. We can help you with the tasks that you cannot do yourself and allow you to concentrate on what is important to you. Independent Support Workers will help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Personal care

Your personal care is an important part of your independence at home. A Gaia Independent Support Worker will make you feel better. They can help with your hygiene and grooming. You can count upon the kind, respectful attention that will always be sensitive to your privacy, dignity, and comfort.

Independent living

There is always something to do. It’s comforting knowing that you can get help and keep your independence.

It is possible that you will need assistance with transportation to get to and from work, such as to visit the bank or to pick up your glasses.

Independent Support Workers can do all your shopping and even put your groceries away for you. We can help with all your little and big tasks.


Gaia Care Disability Support Services in Brisbane Northside and Moreton Bay can help you travel. Independent Support Workers are available to help you plan your next vacation, whether it’s a day trip to the beach or a weekend escape. We can help you with everything, from packing and booking to accompanying you on your trips.

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    We Dont Discriminate

    Gaia Care Disability Support Services celebrates the diversity of people from all walks and backgrounds. No matter what your cultural heritage, race or religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation, you will be accepted, supported, and included here. We believe in client to organisation trust and professionalism in all aspects of our services and believe that every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

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