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Our approved NDIS SIL workers are professional and experienced and are backed by Gaia Care Disability Support Services Pty Ltd in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay area.

Our services prices come with the most cost-effective options for our clients. They can be affordable for you, your family, and your friends.

Supported independent living is one way to support you in your home.

This includes assistance or supervision in daily tasks like cooking or personal care. This program helps you to live independently while also helping you develop your skills.

Supported independent living is for those with more complex needs who require some help at home.

People with disabilities who require more support are best suited for supported independent living.

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What Is Supported Independent Living Services for People with Disabilities?

Assist with the options or supervision of daily living in a shared environment or individual residential home with an emphasis on developing each person’s ability to live independently.

This means that you will need to have a lot of support throughout the day, seven days a week. This includes overnight support.

If you live with NDIS participants or you live in your own home or care facility, you can receive support for independent living. However, you might find other homes or living support that are more suitable for you.

The support for independent living cannot be used to pay rent or other daily expenses such as groceries.

North Brisbane & Moreton Bay

NDIS Support Workers North Brisbane

Our core work is done by support workers. They will support people with mild to complex conditions every day to help them achieve their goals and live independently.

Our clients’ lives are important to us. We offer our support workers a broad range of training to ensure they are able to deliver exceptional services and have the core skills necessary for success.

Gaia Care Disability Support Services Pty Ltd is a supportive, professional team that is committed to continuous improvement and self-development. We strive for a healthy work-life balance in order to provide the best NDIS disability support services possible to our clients.

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    Gaia Care Disability Support Services celebrates the diversity of people from all walks and backgrounds. No matter what your cultural heritage, race or religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation, you will be accepted, supported, and included here. We believe in client to organisation trust and professionalism in all aspects of our services and believe that every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

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